David Basanta Gutierrez

Welcome to my personal homepage. My name is David Basanta Gutierrez and I am a Senior Member at the Integrated Mathematical Oncology department at the Mofftt Cancer Center in Tampa (FL,USA). I am also affiliated with the Genitourinary department also at Moffitt and have an appointment at the Morsani College of Medicine as full professor at the departments of Oncologic Sciences and Molecular Biosciences at the University of South Florida. My group and I work trying to understand cancer ecology and evolution through mathematical models and collaborations with experimental cancer biologists.

Cancer Ecology & Evolution

Advanced cancers are heterogeneous and evolve resistance to existing clinical treatments through a process of somatic evolution. This evolution is driven by intra-tumor heterogeneity and shaped by a process of selection that includes both natural selection (the cancer ecosystem) as well as treatment. Our group has been working with the labs of cancer biologists such as Conor Lynch, with whom we have been studying treatment of tumors in the bone, and Andriy Marusyk, with whom we investigate evolution and treatment in lung and breast cancer.

Scientists Inc

I work with Scientists Inc, a registered non-profit in the US with the aim of doing science communication and outreach. Scientists Inc is led by Dr. Parmvir Bahia and our work is pursued through a number of initiatives such as the 2Scientists podcast and the taste of science festival (across many cities in the US and also online). Scientists Inc also helps with our own IMO workshop at Moffitt and you can check our work here.